Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Weekend at the Market...

I live in the Financial District of Manhattan, which isn't always swarming with things to do on the weekend.  So when my roommate picked up a flier a few weeks ago announcing a nearby farmer's market that was set to begin in the Fall, we were rather excited.  This afternoon we set out for the New Amsterdam Market, tote bags in hand and with the highest hopes of actually filling them with exciting market finds.  Thankfully, that we did.

To our surprise the market was brimming with all sorts of vendors from organic farms with fresh produce and veggies (quite reasonably priced) to cheese artisans to wineries and even a Kombucha station.  There was definitely no shortage of variety and almost every stall happily offered samples, which we of course accepted equally as happily (the wine tastings in particular!).  So after making our rounds, we circled back to our favorites to pick up some lunch fixings.  Back at the apartment, we assembled a beautiful selection of most of our goodies and added a few grape tomatoes and sliced cucumbers to round out our plate.  Check out a little sampling of our spread!

This weekend's picks:
Snack-sized local gala apples (Breezy Hill Orchard)- crisp, sweet and delicious
Whole grain Rye (Nordic Breads)- crusty outside, chewy inside: definitely the "health foods" item
Cow's milk Asiago cheese (Narragansett Creamery)- made even more fabulous with a sprinkle of truffle salt from our pantry
Cow's milk feta and olive spread (Narragansett Creamery)- creamy, dreamy, salty, tangy love 
Local Bosc pears (Breezy Hill Orchard)- not pictured
Organic red bell peppers (McEnroe Farms)- not pictured

With the vendors varying from weekend to weekend, we can't wait to see what we discover next Sunday!  Stay tuned :)

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